Repeatable custom type UID inferred from other field


I have a UID field in a custom type that I'm inspecting in Slice Machine. I had a bug the other day where the URL of the webpage became too long. I've understood that previously the URL has been inferred from the article title but since last week's November update the URL is now inferred from the article ingress which is a lot longer than the title.

I read in your documentation:

If you don't fill it manually, the UID will automatically populate with text from another text field.

Can I configure what field the UID is derived from?


Hi @fredrik.fridborn,

Do you mean that you're seeing this issue in the new Page Builder?


Yes - this started happening after last week's November update. The pages on our website were unavailable as a result of this.

I've posted another bug here, it's unrelated to this one but happened at the same time.

Hi @fredrik.fridborn , from what I understand you don't want us to infer the title from the text field? We have similar functionality in the Legacy Editor and the intention here is that we prevent a document from not having a UID entered which could break the API. Perhaps the problem here is the length of the UID we infer from the text field rather than the fact we do this at all.


Yes - the problem is that the inferred UID is too long. Previously it was inferred from another textbox.

It would be good if we can choose which field we infer the UID from because right now the UX is not great - we have to enter a title, ingress and then modify the UID.

We've submitted a request here to revert the new editor experience. But this feature request is still active from our end.

Hi @fredrik.fridborn , we're aiming to have the issue you raised with the UID fixed this week. The Page Builder has been disabled on your repo.

Let me know if you need anything else.



Hi @fredrik.fridborn , just confirming that we have set a character limit on the UID field so when we infer from a rich text field it will not take the whole string of text.