Requiring Slices for a custom type


I am working on website that will have a specific repeating sections on a page. Currently I have created a custom type that has all my required fields so that I can force the page to render as I want.


Team Custom Type
Tab 1: Team Details
Tab 2: Roster (Array of players)
Tab 3: Coaches (Array of coaches)
Tab 4: Schedules (Array of dates with description)
Slices: None

I would prefer to have a Custom Type slices be mandatory so that I can reuse the components I created instead of rendering them specifically based on the route. I could create smaller custom types with slices link them all together but I feel like the User experience on the Prismic dashboard would get nasty to navigate.

Does anyone have advice on how to handle mandatory order and type of slices for a page? How do you handle these custom style pages that really need to be a "Template"



Hello @shanerice17_prismic, thanks for reaching out.

Prismic doesn't have required fields or Slices. I find it interesting that you used the tabs to define fields needed for the content editors. It's a great way to determine this distinction. Although, it is not possible to force the order of appearance of slices on a page. The editor is free to add and move them throughout the document.

I suggest that you create a sample document that exemplifies the order of the Slices you need. And content editors can use it as a visual reference of the hierarchy.