Rest API docs show predictive dropdown - mine doesn't

Hi - on The Rest API Browser - Prismic there is a gif that shows a predictive dropdown when you start typing your query, so you are helped to select the correct thing. This predictive dropdown doesn't happen for me. Any idea why this would be? I am able to query ok, so it's not any kind of connections issue.


Hi Laura,

The predictive dropdown starts suggesting hints once you begin typing at least at(document. or at.(my., so it doesn't start offering options straight away. I'm only speaking from experience as I don't know exactly how this feature works.


Thanks Phil, but this is my point, it doesn't start, no matter how slowly i type. Nothing ever comes up. Tried in Chrome 91 and Safari 14.

You know what? I've just tested it and I'm seeing the same thing.

This is new. Thanks for pointing this out, I'm going to bring this up with the team now.

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So apparently it's a known issue, but I'm tracking it now and I'll update everyone here once there's been any change on the status of this.


marvellous, thank you!

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