Return explicit fields from document query

I have a query where I'm loading all blog post documents

[at(document.type, "blog_post")]]

however it's returning too much for my use case, and looking at the documentation, I don't see an ability to limit the data response, I was wondering if there's a way to only load the essential pieces I need for all the blog post document types?

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

You need to follow this document to return an explicit field from any document.

Let me know if you have other doubts.


I attempted in using that, but it only narrowed the search and still returned the full document. I was seeing if there's a way to retrieve documents and have the response only return a set of the fields in the document .

There is no way to return a set of fields in the document. Every query result will show you the complete document. I understand your case and I'll let my team know about this use-case.

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