Rich text missing paragraph spacing & list-item

I want to render paragraphs spacing & list-items but it is missing those. Here is my query.

              "type": "paragraph",
              "text": "This approach has several key attributes including: ",
              "spans": []
              "type": "paragraph",
              "text": "",
              "spans": []
              "type": "list-item",
              "text": "Security \n",
              "spans": []

This is a RichText component <RichText render={post_author_info.raw} />.

Thank you!

Hi @hellokrittech, thanks for reaching out about this. I'm going to need a little more information about this to figure out what is happening. Can you send me the following:

  • The url for your Prismic repository
  • The type of the document
  • The ID or UID of the document
  • The field ID for this field with missing data
  • Which Gatsby source plugin are you using?

If you don't want to share this information publicly, you can send a private message to me with this and I'll take a look as soon as I have that.

Hi Levi,

I resolved it by using below.

     __html: post_body.html,

Thank you for the reply.

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Hey Krittiya,

Glad you resolved this, which Gatsby kit are you using?

I use Hello World but one issue that I see is the image does not scale properly when I use

If you can help with this issue, it will be great.

Thank you.

Which Gatsby source plugin are you using?

"gatsby-source-prismic": "^3.3.3",

Thank you.

Are you talking about an image within a rich text field? or in an image field?

What exactly do you mean it's not scaling properly? Have you created CSS for your images that will make them responsive? If so you will probably need to make sure that it's globally set.

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