Rich Text render only first element


I am using RichText field on my pages. Some of my Rich Text has option to add text and unordered lists.
When I try add paragraph and list, RichText rendering only first element in this case paragraph.
When I starting from list in RichText, I'm getting only first element of list.

This is my JSON:
"description" : {
"type" : "StructuredText",
"config" : {
"multi" : "paragraph,strong,list-item,o-list-item,rtl",
"label" : "Description",
"placeholder" : "Add description here..."

Hey, @angelika.wronska thanks for reaching out.

Your Rich Text configuration seems ok. If you have any additional information about your use case that you can share with us, that'll help a lot to better understand the issue.

  • Screenshots of the error
  • The URL of your Prismic repo, along with the name of the Custom Type where you added the description Rich Text field
  • The browser you're using

I sent to you @Paulina info about my project in private message.

[Solution update]

When trying to retrieve content from a linked document. You can use fetchLinks. For more complex fields or Rich text fields with more than one element, you need to use GraphQuery syntax.

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