RichText links do not render


I got a quote slice where I am rendering the RichText like this:
<RichText render={quote_body} />

The content contains some links. I am able to console log them, yet they are simply not being rendered.

Screenshot 2020-10-19 at 09.16.13

The link resolver looks like this:
doc?.type === "service") return /services/${doc?.uid}

Any tips on how I could debug this?

Hey Anton,

Thanks for posting :blush:

For a start, try importing your Link Resolver and including it in your Rich Text component, like this:


If that doesn't work, could you send me one GitHub Gist with the contents of your quote slice component file and another with the contents of your link resolver file? And also your repo name? (If you don't want to share any of that info publicly, you can send it in a DM.)

For more information on rendering links in Rich Text, you can see the Gatsby documentation for templating Rich Text and using a Link Resolver.


It works like a charm, thanks a bunch! :metal:

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