Search with fulltext in multiple fields


I have a question related with fulltext search.

Imagine that I want to search the same term from different fields: ex content or title.
If I use more than only one fulltext like this:

let predicates = [];
predicates.push(prismic.predicates.fulltext('my.corporate-website-blog-article.title', search));
predicates.push(prismic.predicates.fulltext('my.corporate-website-blog-article.description', search));
predicates.push(prismic.predicates.fulltext('my.corporate-website-blog-article.content', search));

This will only return results if it finds the search term in ALL the fields and what I need is the results if it hits ANY of the fields...

Is there any workaround?
Thanks in advance

Hello @paulo.soares, Consider that a single result is enough to return the document that has the text in the search.

You need to do three different queries to make specific queries as you want.