Query documents with multiple custom field values

Hello !
I would like to know if it was possible to use the GraphQl API to query multiple documents using a custom field the same way I query multiple documents with id_in ?

This is the equivalent of what I want to achieve with the rest API:

Thank you !

Hello Raoul, welcome to the Prismic community forum!

Yes, this is possible. You do this by using the FullText search. The syntax is different, because the id_in argument just receives a string or array as a variable.

First, you need to specify the language of the documents you’re going to be querying in.

Then you have three options:

Hello Paulina, thank you for your answer !
I’m looking to search on a specific field with multiple search terms.
The problem with where:{title_fulltext:"apple banana"} is that my title field must have apple AND banana but I need to request the documents where title is apple OR banana.

Thanks !

Hello again Raoul!

We answered a similar question about this in this other thread: