Query by Multiple Values by Custom Field with Custom number of results for each field


Suppose I have a custom field called Category and it is assigned with A or B or C values.

Now I need to grab
x number of A Category (4 A)
y number of B Category (3 B)
z number of C Category (2 C) results.

or at least
the same number of A, B and C Category results (5 A, 5 B, and 5 C Category results)

Is there any possible way to satisfy above in Single API Call/ Any better approach rather than calling API thrice?

Thanks in Advance…!

Is this helpful?

Hey @saddagatla-contracto

It’ll depend on the technology that you’re working on.

If I understand correctly, you want to retrieve all categories with the total count of documents linked to them. Is that right?

e.g Let’s say x,y, and z are documents of the type ‘Article’. If you run a predicate like this it will give you all articles of a related to a given category

const article = (await $prismic.api.getByUID(‘article’, params.uid)).data

const categoryId = article.category_field.id

const categoryArticles = await $prismic.api.query([
  $prismic.predicates.at(‘document.type’, ‘article’),
  $prismic.predicates.at(‘my.post.category_field’, categoryId)

If you’re working with GraphQL, you could do a query that does something similar. You’d call allArticles and then filter them by the category field that matches the given ID:

query {
  allArticles(where: {category:"XniT7xIAACgAk6zG"}) {

Thanks for the link.
But this isn’t helpful.

Thanks for the reply.
I am using JavaScript (NodeJS env) to query Prismic.

I think you didn’t get my question Correctly,
Suppose I have a Document Type called blog-type and it is having a custom filed called Category in it. (Assigning A or B or C Values to this category field)

I have 100 articles of blog-type Doctype. Out of which 40 are of A category, 30 are of B Category, and rest 20 are of C category articles.

I need a single query to retrieve 5 A Category, 7 B Category, and 9 C Category blog-type Category type Articles.
I need a query to retrieve 5 number of articles each A, B and C Categories of blog-type Category type Articles.