Sharable preview link does not generate

@jeremy.benzakein Just letting you know I'm still following up on this, but the dev team hasn't made any progress yet. Let me know if anything changes on your side.

@samlittlefair No progress on my side either ...

@jeremy.benzakein Okay, thanks. :slight_smile: I'll let you know when I have news.

@jeremy.benzakein One of our devs suspects that this might be an issue with nuxt-i18n. It appears to be adding characters to the preview URL. Could you try removing the plugin to see if that helps?

If you'd like tips on how to set up i18n with just Nuxt and Prismic, let me know and I can find some examples and guides for you.

@samlittlefair Thanks for the lead.

I'll test this next week and see whether this solves the issue


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Hey @jeremy.benzakein ,

Thanks for trying removing i18n. I've sent this back to the dev team to see if they can offer any insight. I'll let you know how it goes.


Hey @jeremy.benzakein ,

Our in-house Nuxt expert took a look, and got things working by upgrading nuxt to 2.15.4 and @nuxtjs/prismic to 1.2.6.

She says the static generation in nuxt 2.13 (the version in your project) was still quite experimental with static generation, and there have been some fixes to previews in @nuxtjs/prismic since 1.2.3.

She also recommended reviewing dependencies for maintenance, generally, as it looks like some other plugins might be out of date.

Try the upgrade, and let me know if that helps :slight_smile:


Hi @samlittlefair

Thanks for the lead :slight_smile:

We've upgraded nuxt to 2.15.4, @nuxtjs/prismic to 1.2.6 and other dependencies that were required for this upgrade, but still, the preview system isn't working on already published documents.

Could it be possible to interact directly with your in-house Nuxt expert?


Hey @thomas.digregorio,

I'm sorry for the delay. When I was asked to have a look at your project a few weeks ago I managed to have it working by updating what @samlittlefair suggested in his post above.

Can you share an updated version of your project so we can have a look? Thanks!

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