Preview sharable links are dropping 404 in Next.js

Hi, my previews are working when I'm logged in to the Prismic but giving someone else a shareable link will drop 404 :frowning: I'm on Next.js 14 with app router. Everything is set up as per docs and previews are working for me but only if I'm logged in. How can I get this working so I can share with previews with people who have no access to Prismic CMS?

Did you set up two different preview environments? One for local and one for production?

Yes of course! I have one for dev and one for prod. The one in prod I can see the preview and so my colleague who has an account in Prismic but the shared linked will drop 404 to anyone else or when I'm not logged in.

Are you willing/able to share a preview link to me via PM? I'd be happy to test it also. I have experienced similar issues when sharing preview links.