Shortcuts with slice machine UI

I have been using the Slice Machine UI to make some initial new slice designs and I was thinking that it would be nice if there were shortcuts available, specifically "+ Add a new field" on both the non-repeating zone and the repeating zone.


Hey James,

That's a cool idea. What keyboard shortcuts would feel natural for you in this case?


I notice many sites use cmd + K for search which is a default shortcut but I can't think of one for "adding a new item", perhaps option and +? There doesn't seem to be a default short assigned for it on Mac.

These suggestions make good sense. I've passed them on to the team, who let me know that they have some designs for keyboard shortcuts made, but no ETA on when they'll implement these designs.

Great to hear that. It isn't essential, so not urgent from my side. I just thought it would be handy.

Thank you!