Slack webhook not working

Trying to create a slack app/bot for my team to monitor changes made within our company. However the response that I get from prismic doesn't translate to the messages rendering. Are there steps I'm missing in order to make this happen, or is this isn't a supported webhook feature?

More info needed! Can you share your code?

Just trying to follow the slack docs with web hooks using the link provided,

What information are you trying to send to your Slack integration about activity on Prismic?

Because our webhooks only say that something HAS changed at the moment, they don't say WHAT changed. This might be what is causing your issue.

We are working on improving this at the moment though:

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Right now, just trying to track exactly what you mentioned, something has changed. I get a 200 with testing the url, however i never receive messages in the slack channel when making changes. I currently have all triggers on.

Honestly I'm not sure, none of us have set something like this up before.

Maybe going through a middle man like Zapier might help.

Might be something to do with this:

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