Slice JSON in wrong order

The JSON we receive from prismic has the wrong order for some of our articles custom types.

For most articles we receive the right order

But for a few like this one, The JSON is in the wrong order


They're both using the same custom type and slice type (article_rich_text). Some have the order issue for a few slices in the document, others have all of their slices misordered and most are fine.

Hi @clementine, thanks for reaching out about this. Hopefully we'll be able to sort this out quickly :slight_smile:

Can you send me the following things to help me troubleshoot this issue for you?

  • The URL of your Prismic repository
  • A way to identify a working page (with a UID or title, for example)
  • A way to identify a non-working page

With those, I can start investigating the issue further. Thanks!

Hi Levi,

I just messaged you those info privately

Thanks for sending the information. I've taken a look and was able to reproduce the issue. The only thing I can think of is that the content model was updated recently and not all the existing documents have been updated to the new changes.

Whether this is the issue or not, I found that if you make a slight change and save the document, then the response updates to the correct order.

Give this a try with the other documents that are having the issue and let me know if that clears things up for you or not.

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