Rearrange order of slices in slice zone

I have been updating and adding some fields / slices to our custom types in Prismic and wondering if its possible to rearrange the order that the slices appear to the user. Right now the appear to be in order created. I would like to have them in a custom order but it does not appear to drag / drop / rearrange.

Is this possible?



Hello @niki.brown

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to rearrange the order of Slices in the Slice Zone. It can be a cool feature to add, so I will pass this on to my feature request team for future improvements.


This is not entirely true. You can modify the JSON by changing the order of the slice objects within the "body" array,

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Thanks, @kris. This is true that you have to modify JSON each time to change the order. Prismic doesn't have drag and drop option.