Search for a slice or option to order slices by name

We have a project with quite a lot of slices.

For the editors it can be hard to find a specific slice. It would be great to be able to search on the slice name in the Prismic dashboard.

Also currently the slices are ordered by creation date. It would be great if the slices would be ordered by name. At least that would make it easier to find a specific slice.

Hope to hear from you about this.

Hey Bob, thank you for sharing your feedback; I'm going to add your post as a feature request to have this idea in the backlog. Filtering by Slice would be a useful thing to have :ok_hand:

And about the ordering of the Slices, it is true that they are automatically added by creation date. But you can modify the order of appearance by manually moving the Sices in the JSON editor in each Custom Type.