Is there a way to prevent reordering of slices in prismic dashboard

I am building a project with Next.js, prismic, and slicemachine. The prismic preview is also enabled, so when I am editing content in the prismic dashboard, it shows a live preview of the slices in the left panel.

However is there any way to prevent reordering of slices for a document?

I just want the order to be fixed to what I set as a developer and not give content editor the ability to change the order or add new slices.

Hey @deepakgangwar4265,

These is no way to enforce an order for your slices.

If you don't want the content to get reordered, I recommend modeling your content at the top level of your type. However, this won't allow live previews in the left panel.


Yes, I had to do the same. Thanks for the answer.