Slice Machine no acces to repo

Hey guys,

i'm having an issue getting authenticated through slice machine, I'm using a friend's github log in to acces his repo and i am logged in on with no issues, however when trying to commit changes in slice machine i get this mesage:

i'm not getting any console messages out of the ordinary so i'm guessing this is going to be a github related acces issue , was wondering if anyone has any experience/insights into this.

thank you in advance.

Hello @sentientsoap ,

I'm sure your friend appreciates your assistance. Is your friend using the GitHub (GH) auth to access their Prismic account? I think that's what you mean when you say you're using your friend's GH to access his Prismic repo, correct?

The only time I've seen the "you don't have access" message in slicemachine is when I've been trying to help people in this forum. They'll give me a link to their GH repo and I'll poke around in their code. I'll launch slicemachine so I can see their custom-type structure, but since I'm signed into Prismic in my own account, I get the error you've shown.

Have you tried using a Guest window in your browser or perhaps a different browser where you don't use your own accounts?

I wonder if that will help.


Hi @sentientsoap,

You will also need to be a member of their Prismic repository, not just logged into Prismic. A quick check of the repo and what I believe is their GitHub shows me that there are two different email addresses used for these 2 accounts.

Please have your friend verify his email addresses on both accounts for you. This is obviously something I can't do for security reasons.

Thank you.

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Yes, that is correct

whatever login error i had seems to have resolved itself, i'm guessing something was wrong on my end.
the only thing of note i can think of is that these attempts were all through safari (which i was using to avoid my own GH logins) , where i'm now using firefox and everything seems fine

thank you