Cant Login To Repository

Hi I hope this is the right area to post this. I am running into an issue where I am in slice machine and I click on review changes and it says I am not authorized. I click the button to open prismic repo and it asks me for login info. I click login with Github and it just appears to refresh and still show the popup to login via github or email. Forgot to add, when I try to login via email it just says "cant login to repository"

Okay so I was able to fix it. For some reason my repository was named after the type of starter. So it was svelte-starter-minimal or something like that. I am guessing that is a bug. I changed the repo name to the proper one in slicemachine.config.json and now it works. Also maybe I dont know because I am new to prismic but is there somewhere where you can see the actual name of the repo anywhere? I couldnt remember exactly what I named it and I couldnt find it anywhere in the dashboard. Luckily the terminal remembered so I was able to enter it.

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