Slice machine slice selector stuck in infinite re-render


I’m trying to select slices in my Slice Machine, but it gets stuck in some kind of infinite rendering loop (see video). I think this happend after some custom types updates and I delete one slice.
Can I maybe reinstall the slice machine and fetch slices from the repo or are they lost if i delete the files?
Do you have any other suggestions on how I can fix this? I’m using slice-machine-ui@0.3.8.


Hi Vincent,

Welcome to the community!

Are you still seeing this error? What steps did you take to delete your Slice?


Hey! Yes still seeing this issue. I just deleted the folder in slices/.

Now after the issue I have also tried deleting everything but mock-config.json in /.slicemachine which I saw was ok on this forum, but still the bug remains.

I’m thinking of wiping the repo and start over since the project is not live and not filled with content yet, if you don't have any other thing I should try first? I thought I would report this anyway in case you want to take a look at it.

Maybe try clearing the cookies on the Slice Machine window.

Did not do the trick unfortunately. Still rendering away.

In that case, I'm not sure what the issue is, you can try starting again as you suggested. Let me know if you see it again.