Slice Machine - Variations - Rename and change ID from UI


Currently there is no way to rename variations or change their ID (unless I can't find it :smiley: ) from within the Slice Machine UI. Could this potentially be added please? I need to reorganise most of my slices and variations and rename them and it would be much easier to do from the UI.


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Hey David, I think right now you can do this by editing the model.json file directly and then reloading Slice Machine. It should read the change.

Hey @Pau.
@dmakos means renaming from the user interface. I would also like to see such a feature. I also really look forward to the ability to remove slice variations from the user interface. But about it there was other topic.

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Thanks, that's exactly what I meant. To be able to rename them from the Slice Machine UI.
I also see that you cannot remove them so that would be nice feature too!