Slice simulator not working properly

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The slice preview doesn't work, it appears blank event if you edit the placeholder in the index.tsx. The editor on the left seems to work alright.

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Slice simulation

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Tried on a different browser like Edge and Brave. Also changed every variable from using JS instead if TS, to not using src/


The simulator preview doesn't work. The Simulator editor does works alright

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  1. Clone GitHub - Zonalds/test-prismic-nextjs: A test repo for Prismic + NextJs
  2. Install packages with yarn install
  3. Run ``yarn slicemachinein one terminal andyarn start` in another terminal
  4. Simulate a slice, notice the editor works fine but not the preview.

Hey @obiezei, just tried on my end, I think you're experiencing a white screen because you're actually rendering white text on white background:

It looks like this happens because you're implementing dark more on your website, exciting! You can fine-tune your Slice Simulator's background to match the body's by using the background prop:

background="linear-gradient(to bottom, transparent, rgb(var(--background-end-rgb))) rgb(var(--background-start-rgb))"

This does the trick on my end:

Let us know about it! Thanks for being part of Prismic Community~!

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Thank you @lihbr, that solves my issue.

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