Slice variation

How are people handling variations on slices with regards to the content model?

After about six months components tended to balloon in number which became a problem for maintenance and usability in the Prismic UI. As a result, I tried to standardise the slice types and now I use a select form input in the slice to enable the content manager to select which slice variation they want, then I run a conditional in the component slice.

Wondering if people do something similar. How do you decide on the distinction between slices? That’s what I think I find most challenging.

Have you seen slice labels? I think they will be perfect for your use-case.

For example, here’s the labels I am using for my image grid slice:


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Hi @jjames.home. For slice variations, I tend to use a Select field as you’ve described as it’s very easy for a content author to see and you can choose a default value for the Slice.

There is also the slice labels feature (as shown by @marcellothearcane) that can serve the same purpose. I would also love to hear if anyone else out there is doing anything different than these two approaches :grinning:

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