"No Variations" displaying on slices

Prismic noob here.

I have several slices under a tab in my build and each show a 'no-variations' label (which looks a bit broken) on the create area.

See image: Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 18.59.31.png - Droplr

Am I missing a configuration option here? Are you not allowed to use slices without variations?

Hello @grafik

Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for posting this question to us.

Are these slices are pushed by the Slice Machine?


Hi Priyanka! no they are not pushed by Slice machine.

Hey @grafik, these labels are only related to Slices created with Slice Machine. If your project isn't using it, then there must be an issue with your repo config. Could you send me the URL of your repo so we can check?


Hi, it’s a private repo, what’s the best way to give you access?

Hey there, you only need to give me the URL of your repo and we can directly take a look

Gotcha, here you go: https://github.com/dejardine/gandw

Oh, I meant your Prismic repository. For example https://your-prismic-repo-name.io.

It's a common mix up :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

How's this: https://glasfurdandwalker.prismic.io ?

Hi there, any updates? I just deleted and recreated the slices and still get the same error.

Hey @grafik, sorry for the delay. Could you please send me the details of your Custom type so we can see exactly where these Slices are coming from?

Are you creating those new Slices from the Prismic UI or from Slice Machine?

Hi there, I'm making these through the Prismic UI, here is the custom type is here: https://glasfurdandwalker.prismic.io/masks/case_study.json/?section=Content

(see slices)

Hello @grafik, I have spoken with the team and they've informed me that this label appears in all repositories, even those who still do not use Slice Machine. This is a recent addition, that is why you may haven't seen it before.

If it is not in your plans to integrate Slice Machine into your project you can ignore this label.
Variations are a unique Slice Machine Feature. If you decide that you want to add them to your project we have documentation for Next and Nuxt that takes you step by step to create variations in your Slices.

We are going to improve the communication about this type of descriptions in the Writing Room so that all the features are clearly explained.

Thanks for explaining it, my main gripe here is that to my client, it looks like something is broken? Can you hide the label if SliceMachine is not in use?

For the moment no specific exception towards these labels has been defined. But I will add your comment as a feature request so that it can be taken into account.

Thanks as a note, I have slices set up more or less the same on another repo grafik and have no issues eg: http://grfk.co.nz/wQA4gx

Struggling to figure out what the difference is in configuration?

Note neither are using slice machine

Yes, this is normal since the repositories are gradually migrated to the Slice Machine ecosystem. That means that eventually, that repository will also have these tags.

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