Create variations slices

Hello there !
I've recently seen the tag "No varations" on my own slices (the feature i've been waiting for a long time ^^), i've been digging to find a way to create varations on my slice, but couldn't find the way to create it.

Is this still in develop or am i missing something ?

Thanks to the team and community !

Hello @tech2

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Prismic has already released Slice variations in the Slice Machine builder. When you add a variation of a slice in the Slice Machine builder and push that slice to the Prismic UI, you can see different variations of a slice.

Are you using Slice Machine to push your Slices to Prismic UI?

Note: The Slice Machine is only available with Next.js and Nuxt.js framework.


Thank you for your quick return.
Unfortunately we're not on next.js or nuxt.js. :frowning:

Thanks anyway ! :grin:

@tech2 I am happy to help you. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi Priyanka,

Can you create slice variation outside of the slice machine? Also, is there a plan to make it available on the Prismic web UI?

Hello @feng.cheng

Thanks for posting to us.

You can not create slice variation outside of the Slice machine for the moment. And It's not planned yet to make it available on the Prismic editor. I'll let my team know about this feature.


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