Slice Zone - Slice - Repeatable Zone - Carasouel Images to load in background

I added a slice in slice zone as repeatable zone to show images as carasouel. It is working fine on UI but I have total 6 images to load with interval of 3 sec so till the time all the images are getting loaded one by one If I go to different section of the site then it takes me to the carasouel only. I am using angular technology. Is there any way where I can load all the carasouel images in the background only before it is getting displayed on UI to have better user experience?

I need an urgent help on this topic. If you have any guidance please help me.

Hello @ami

Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for reaching out to us.

I am not familiar with Angular.js but I have tried giving carousel background images by applying CSS. Here is a code sample for this.