Slice Zone doubts

I have a feature section on my homepage which showcase 3 products which can be done using repeatable zone but the catch is that it should change based on the country. For example for country USA it will showcase some product. But for country Germany it will showcase some different product. How do I do it using slice zone?

Another thing is it possible to seperate slice? I mean I would like to render 2 slices above 1 static section and 1 slice below the static section. What I meant by static section is that it is built in to code and no content is on primic for that section.

Different languages shouldn’t be a problem if you use this guide, since each language has an entirely different document.

You could use a boolean field to specify whether a slice should be above or below the static section. Then you can query this on the frontend.

Adding language will make have the whole page content change and I have to recreate the content again for different language. In my use case there is a single section named featured section which is showing 4 to 5 images of the product for USA country and for Germany it will showcase a different list of product. Rest all the page content will remain same no change there.

You could add a slice with a dropdown for whichever language you want it to apply to, and then have multiple image slices - one for each country.

Something like this:

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Ah hah! Thats what I am looking for. Thank you very much.