Slicemachine requesting routes via ajax on each pageload

I was validating the new Slice Machine setup and install method on Nuxt (prismic sm --setup) vs the old starters and noticed that in the version that Slice Machine creates (100% default) there are requests sent to the Prismic API on each pageload (with type and UID).

At first I thought this might be part of the preview functionality but it still occurs when setting preview:false.

Anyone know what is going on? This shouldn’t be needed on a full static site.

Hi Anthony,

Welcome to the community and sorry about the long delay in the reply.

It sounds like previews indeed which might be making the request. Can you send me a screenshot of the request?

I think the preview:false config should disable the script as described in this PR in @nuxt/prismic

This issue has been closed due to inactivity.