Slicemachine Reverse update - Pull updated slices & customtypes into a new domain?


I am wondering... Is there a command to pull the updated custom types/slices available on Slicemachines on on a brand new app following a migration?

In other words, What if I decide to rebuild my app ABC in a brand-new repository XYZ, where I want to keep all the content, custom type.

Is there a way for me to quickly get all my up-to-date custom types and slices pulling it from slicemachine into the new repository XYZ, or do I have to migrate manually the folders .slicemachine, customtypes and slices?

Hello @Marving

Thanks for reaching out to us.

You can do two things:

  1. Change the endpoint in the sm.json file.
  2. You can have shared slices among custom types when The Slice builder pushes them. When you pushed slices from the Slice Builder, They will be available in the "shared slices" tab in the Prismic UI and you can add those slices in another repository. It's only about Slices but not Custom Type.


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Well noted, thank you!

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