Slicemahine latest update breaking storybook-nuxt

Hi Guys,

This morning I updated from Prismic 0.1.0-beta.1 to the latest 1.0.0 update. It looks like the function getStories, used in the Nuxt config file was causing storybook to break because it was looking for the stories in the wrong path, it was looking in .nuxt-storybook/assets instead of .slicemachine/assets.

For a temporary fix I updated my Nuxt config and hardcoded the correct path.

Thanks for reporting this!
Really not sure what's happening here, it does not seem like the helper looks into .nuxt-storybook: slice-machine/storybook.js at master · prismicio/slice-machine · GitHub

Do you happen to have a reproduction on that issue somewhere?

Hey Hugo,

I can email over a project that I have added the hardcoded fix if that helps?

Kind regards


This would definitely help! My username at, I'll take a look today

Alright, I found some time to run your project. What happens is that Nuxt-Storybook takes relative paths as-is, so the paths inside nuxt.config are wrong by default. For the moment, you can prefix them with ~/.

  storybook: {
    stories: ["~/.slicemachine/assets/**/*.stories.@(js|jsx|ts|tsx|svelte)"]

I created an issue here: Relative stories paths should match nuxt config location · Issue #328 · nuxt-community/storybook · GitHub and hopefully we can work things out

Great, thanks for taking the time. :slight_smile:

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