Special characters in image filenames

Hi there,

I've been having constant problems with clients using special characters in images that imgix does not like eg space, +, & etc

Are you able to configure the writing room to automatically strip out such things on upload? or even allow file-renaming?

It seems a bit much to expect the uploader to remove these when most clients have no concept of such things. Most major CMS's will do this for you.

Interested to know if there is a technical solution to this, or how do you suggest that developers handle it?

Many thanks,

Hello @grafik

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Unfortunately, there is no automatic striping during uploading in the writing room and renaming the filename in the Media library. I will add this as a feature request for future improvement.

I'd like to know what error are you getting when uploading images with the special characters name? I tried and haven't got any issue.


Hi Priyanka,

There is no error in the reading room, but I get errors in my application as imgix will encode special characters eg "image name+1.jpg" becomes image%20name%2B.jpg

Hello @grafik

Currently, the only solution to change the filename is to write your custom code for decoding on the front-end itself. It will give the required filename in your application.


Thanks, seems like a lot of effort for a basic function of a CMS. Hopefully it gets added as a feature.

@grafik I understand your use case. I will let my @features-team know about it for future improvement.