Storybook prismic integration documentation is outdated

I would like to add my slices to our company storybook and am struggling to see how we can do that. According to some outdated docs here and here (which seem to refer to older versions of prismic), slicemachine should be generating storybook stories for me, but I don't see those added anywhere. What am I missing? Can you please provide me with an up-to-date guide that will help me generate (or manually create) storybook stories for all of my slices?

Hello @chris9,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Unfortunately, SliceMachine doesn't integrate with Storybook since version 1.0.0 (changelog). It will be reintroduced later, but I don't have an ETA, but we will keep you updated.


Thanks for the reply. It would be nice if your docs actually mentioned that. There’s conflicting information online and it takes a while to figure out that it doesn’t apply to the current version.

Can you please let me know if/when stories get output again?

I understand how frustrating that can be.

Yes, we will keep you posted when it gets reintroduced.

Thank you!

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