Tag API Endpoint not working

Dear Members,

We are trying to utilize the tag API endpoint to retrieve all the tags of our repository, Unfortunately, we are getting an authentication error just for a few of our repositories from the endpoint(https://your-repo-name.cdn.prismic.io/api/tags) in the browser for a logged-in user(few of repositories are working actually):

{"error":"Invalid access token"}

From a postman collection, We have the following error:

"message": "Missing Authentication Token"

The tag API endpoint in the reference doesn't mention anything about access_token or authentication.

Thanks in advance!!


Hi @jayanshs ,

Welcome to the community!

This error would suggest your repo is set to private and you'll need to pass the access token which you can get from your repo settings:

We'll update the tags doc to include this info.


Hi Phil,

Sorry for the delayed response. I am able to get the Tag Api working, actually, I was already passing access_token as a query parameter, but didn't work, it worked only when I pass it as Bearer Token as Authorization header.

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OK, I'll make sure we update the docs for this then.

Great! thank you, Phil!