Timestamp inside slice - possible to use default: now?

Is it possible to use the JSON config for timestamps to default to the current time when used within a slice? When I try it, it returns midnight for each instance, whereas a timestamp in the main level does correctly return the current time.

I suppose that I’m expecting that it would fire the now calculation when the user adds the slice but maybe that’s not possible (or how most would prefer to use it).

Hi Patrick,

This looks like a bug with timestamps in Slices. I’ve made the @team-tech-support aware of this and they have a logged this to be fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing in the meantime.


I appreciate you all looking into it!

Additionally, if it helps, I also tried to add a timestamp to a Groups field and it exhibits the same behavior.

That definitely helps, thanks for the extra info.

This has been logged in issue tracker and has been been marked as a low priority to be fixed in our backlog behind more pressing issues.