To translate not everywhere


I have multiple languages in my repositery.
I have now finished all dutch documents and want to start with the other languages.
I see that only some of the documents are now in the other languages as “to translate” why are not all documents that i create automaticly created in the different languages as “to translate”?

Hi Remco,

Welcome to Prismic community, I will try to help you on this.

Normally you should see ‘to translate’ in all the newly created documents, but I would guess that you have some old documents that has been created before creating the new locale!

Can you please confirm that this is the case?


Hi, no, it seems more that the newly created documents are not created for “to translate”

Hi Remco,

Did you manage to solve this issue?

Normally when you have multiple locale and you create a new document you get the “to translate” notification!

If that is not the case for you then can you share with us (in a direct message if confidential) the name of your repository and a link to the problematic document as we need to debug this to figure out the issue.