Translation workflow with APIs

To automate our workflow for translating documents in Prismic.
We need a way to fetch documents or fields from Prismic, send them to our translation tool and import the translated strings back into Prismic.
We have investigated one potential solution to minimise the manual effort required to re-upload the Prismic documents.
However the solution would work much better if there was a way to send the updated data directly to Prismic.

Is there an API we can use to update and create documents?
Do you have other clients that have solved this or a similar issue?

What we have looked at:

  • we are aware of the manual import export functionality that is provided by Prismic
  • we have looked at the translating content in bulk doc and the import new content in bulk doc.

We now have a Migration API, which is currently in closed Beta.

It already offers:

  • A programmatic approach to creating and updating documents
  • Clear validations and precise error messaging for a smoother migration
  • The ability to create a new document and define it as a translation of an existing document (analog to "Copy to another locale" in the Prismic UI)

Although the Migration API is not designed to cover translation use cases directly, it sounds like you may be able to use its capabilities to send the updated data to Prismic.

If you want to test out the Migration API, you can sign up for the waitlist and I will contact you as soon as we have a new spot available:

:point_right: Join the Waitlist

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