Integrating with translation services

Are there any plans to integrate translation services into Prismic?

I was looking into ways to easily translate content on Prismic, but only came up on this SO answer mentioning that this might be considered: .

We’re considering migrating our website from WordPress to Prismic, and even though we’re only serving content in English at the moment, translation will definitely come up in the future. Due to the way the content is structured/segmented in Prismic, it would be really tedious do manual copy-paste translation. Using the Import/Export feature with some tooling could work, however we’re a startup with few editors and can’t shell out the money for that.

Ideally, I could imagine Prismic having an integration similar to what Phrase has, connecting with 3rd party services like TextMaster or Gengo, and having a way to place translation orders.

So the bottom line is: can we expect something like that on the horizon, and if so, would it only be available in the Professional tiers(like the Import/Export feature)?

In the meantime you may want to check out I’ve used it across several different CMS’ because their JS API is CMS agnostic.

Hello @gaspar.portik

The short answer is yes, this is something that we would love to put in the product at some point. We already worked on some designs and are in contact with some translations platforms for partnership. This is not something that will arrive in a short term period, though.

This feature will probably be included in Professional plans or at an additional cost.

To better design this feature, I would be interested in understanding a bit better your use case. Is your translation team, included in the prismic repository? Are these people already working in your company, or are you planning to recruit translators through those platforms?

Do you have a preferred platform that you would like to see integrated natively?


Hi Renaud!

It’s good to hear that you guys are already looking into solutions.

To understand what we’re looking for, you need to understand who we are: a small tech startup, with only 2 copy-writers. We would publish bi-/weekly news articles to our website. We have no translators in our team, so all articles are written in English.

We have been using Phrase for translations in our product, since a couple of months, quite successfully. We’ve been using their integration with TextMaster. Something similar to what they provide would be nice:

  • write the content (e.g. a news article) in one language (e.g. English)
  • select content(s) that needs to be translated, and select target language(s)
  • be presented with translation options(third-party service, quality) and pricing
  • confirm the order and pay for it
  • be notified when translations are done, verify and publish.

Now, I understand that the above steps seems simple, but would take a lot of time to develop something similar. Alternatively, if Prismic had a write API, third-party tools could be written to connect Prismic with translation services.


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Piggybacking on this old(er) issue. Any update on integrating with translation services? I’m working on a project right now that uses prismic and we are just now starting to focus on i18n work.


Hey Niki :wave:,

Currently, native integration with translation services isn’t on our product roadmap, but as Renaud mentioned, we are planning implementing it in the future.

Also, there is an integration developed by Crowdin that allowing you import your documents from Prismic and translate it in Crowdin. You’d need to have the Import/Export feature available on your repository.

Let me know if you have any other question on above or anything else :wink:

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Hey Niki,

What would your use case for i18n be in your project?

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