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Hi there,
Since importing and exporting content is such a crucial part of a data-driven like Prismic, I don‘t see why I would have to upgrade to a more expensive plan to do so. For smaller websites, I cannot justify the upgrade price for such a basic feature.
I love working with Prismic, but due to this „missing“ feature, I often have to use a different CMS for client projects.
I‘d love to hear your thoughts on that :slight_smile:

Hey @nativv ,

By default, all Prismic content is exportable, because it's delivered as JSON on the API. If you need to conveniently fetch data from Prismic, you could write a script to grab data from the API. Prismic's native Export feature is designed to specifically export content that is properly formatted for re-importing to Prismic.

We've heard in the past that users want an Import feature to easily integrate data from a third party or a database, which is part of the inspiration behind Integration Fields.

In our experience, Import/Export is a feature that has been most requested by enterprise clients, so it has made the most sense to make it available on bigger plans.

However, I don't say any of this because I don't think you have a valid suggestion! I would love to know more about your use case, and how it does or doesn't fit with our existing features.


Hi Sam,
thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:
Some of my clients feel restricted because they cannot export their data in a format like CSV (in a standardized form.)
They would like to have a way to get their data in and out of Prismic. An export option would allow them to archive their posts/page content locally or transfer it between repositories.

I could create a custom script to fetch the API and create a CSV from it, but since there is no way to get it back into the CMS, that wouldn't make much sense.

It would be most convenient to have the option to select documents and export them as CSV. This feature would perfectly integrate into the bulk actions. Also, it would be great to have an «Import» button next to the create new in the writing room.

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Hi @nativv ,

Thanks for the details :slight_smile:

The ability to export data for an archive makes perfect sense to me.

We don't have plans to add an export-as-CSV feature. I think the Rest API might actually be a superior way to do this, because you can specify how you would want to flatten your data for a spreadsheet.

(I was thinking about this last week, actually, and I started writing a Google Sheets script to fetch Prismic data — screenshots below.)

You mention "transferring data between repositories" and "having an 'import' button in the writing room." Could you say more about when these would be useful? Who would use those features, and what for?


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