Push Prismic documents to an external database

Hi, I would like to put certain document data in an external database (Notion, Airtable, etc...) to facilitate the content management of my content team.

I tried to get Prismic data with Zapier, and also n8n. But the webhook doesn't provide enough information about the document to make it work, information such as URL, Custom Type, Document title, tags.

Enabling that connection with automation tools, or just extending the webhook would tremendously help with internal linking, translation workflow management, by having the data into an improved database (Notion, Airtable).

Did anyone also try something similar to that?

Hey team, Prismic offers a tool included in paid plans called Import / Export thart allows you to have a local copy of all your content.

If you're on the free plan you can always use your main REST API endpoint to retrieve all your data and the Custom Types API to retrieve a JSON of your Custom Type models.

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