Export not available under settings

I want an export to setup a new repo for testing/ new features, but the export functionality is not present in my dashboard.

this is the article that says you have one and where to find it: https://intercom.help/prismicio/en/articles/3040141-using-import-export-for-a-bulk-change


Import/Export is available starting on the medium plan. I’ll add it to our task list to update that document to make this clearer.

I can connect you with the @sales-billing-legal team if you want to discuss this further?

Thanks for clarifying that won’t be necessary.


Hey Prismic Team,
We recently started the initiative to localize our content and we were surprised to know that the Import/Export feature was under the medium plan because it wasn’t explicitly stated in the docs.
I am not sure if we are ready to move to the medium plan yet.
Are you guys planning on adding the Import/Export feature on other pricing plans even if limited?

Hey, Sorry that it wasn’t clear, I just submitted a request for the Documentation team to update that on the user-guides that mention the Import/Export feature.

To be honest it’s not a feature that we are planning to unlock for a smaller plan for now.

May I ask how do you localize/translate content, are you working with an external agency or a SaaS tool for that?