Import of exported data fails with error 500

Hi there,

I've just started out on the Medium plan and wanted to try out the Import/Export feature. I've exported my data and then re-imported one of the files. Unfortunately, the import fails with an error 500. Worse, there's no actual error message in the UI, this is only visible in the browser dev tools. We'll have to rely heavily on content import so this is making me wary about the stability of Prismic. Any ideas?


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Hey Oliver, sorry to hear you're having trouble using this feature, I don't know what could be wrong. Could you share a screenshot of the error here?

Or if you prefer you can share with me the URL of your repo and the file you're importing in a private message, I'll try to check for the issue

Hi Paulina,

Thanks for your reply. I've spotted my mistake. I had missed that you need to upload a ZIP archive, even when you're trying to import a single JSON file. ZIP upload works as expected so this is resolved.


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