Triggers for masterRef updates

Hello threre!

Our team experince issue with content update (trigger MasterRef value update)

Since we publish new content very rarely, we decided to control updates with logic that is based on MasterRef value - once it changed, we fecth new content.

For past to releases we used scheduled publish and both had issues with updaate:

  • production does not fetch new data - seems masterRef not updated, but still in research.
  • dev. working fine
  • any new deployment working fine

So question - is there any way masterRef not updated when new content published?

Hello @kovalyovant

Welcome to the Prismic community, and thanks for reaching out to us.

If a document is published, the master ref will change.

There is one way not to update the master ref is caching the master ref. You can cache the ref and listen to Prismic webhook to know when to refresh it. But we don't recommend doing this because it is never really safe to cache the endpoint as it changes with every document update.

If you rarely publish new content, I'd recommend you cache your website pages.

Let me know if you have any further questions related to it.


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