Ref ID for blogs keep changing

The Ref ID for blogs keep changing and have a problem to keep track of the blog detail.

To be more specific, every time I Edit/update a blog, the RefID for the entire blogs, including the one I edited/updated also change.

The issue with this is, we use the following (see blow) type of URL link in order to display our blogs


And we share the above links to our customers for many reasons. But once we made changes to one or more of our blogs, the RefID of the whole blogs change

and the URL link we previously shared with our customers is no longer available and becomes useless.

So my question here is, how do we keep our old RefID so that the URL will be valid at anytime.

Thank you

Hello Madhanie,

Welcome to the Prismic Forum.

The master ref changes every time you publish changes. Whenever you do a search query, you need to pass along the most recent master ref.

PreviewRef: It is stored in browser cookies.
MasterRef: We query it from API each time.
Both Refs are kept changing.

I'd suggest you use a shareable preview link with your customers, which allows you to share live previews of drafts with anyone.

Please find complete detail here to set up Previews: Set up Previews - Prismic.

What framework are you using? The syntax and configuration process of the Preview functionality varies for each technology. Here is the link for Node.js , but you can find it in other frameworks too.

Let me know if you have any other doubt.


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