[minor] API IDs dont update on the front-end when being changed

Albeit not being a breaking bug, I feel like it's good to mention so we can get Prismic as polished as possible:

— When editing a document's schema, if you define an API ID and save it, it'll show up on the editor;
— once you edit it and change its name, it will not reflect the changes on the left hand side editor. It still changes if you save the document normally, it's a visual thing.

Hey Frederico. Thanks for reaching out

I guess you're talking about the fields' API ID when you edit/add them to the Custom types; the only thing I don't fully understand is the 'left-hand side editor'.

Could you show me a visual example of what you're referring to? It'll help us a lot when opening feature requests :smiley:

My apologies for the lack of clarity! I mean in this editor, where you can read API ID. It does not reflect changes made to the API ID until you refresh the page.

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I see; thank you for the clarification!
Could you please share with me the URL of your repo and the browser you're using? You can send this info over via dm if you prefer.


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