Saving new name after duplicate document

Hi there,
since 2 days the overview of all documents isn't working correct.
After duplicating a document and changing & saving the new name, the old name of the source appeard and not the new given.
Please check & correct this, these mistake can cause some avoidable mistake by the connecting of the documents.

Hello Natasha, welcome to the Community!

Are you talking about the display name that shows in the UI of the document list or something else?

Could you please share with us a screenshot that shows an example of what you see and the URL of your repository?


Hi Paulina,

sure I talk about the intern title which is showed in the overview.
In the document as you can see, it is "18.02 ....." but in the overview it is still "04.02..." although the document is published. We never had this problem before by duplicating a document.

The Url of the repository is

I see, you can manually configure a specific field to always be up to date to be the 'Display name' in the document list.

Managing the Display Name of a document in the document list is already a feature that is currently being rolled out progressively for every single user. So, if you don't yet see it in your repository you can still use the old default way of setting Display Names:

Let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else

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