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currently it feels like a random field is used to be displayed in the content overview as name. Is there a way to control which field is been used in the overview as name?

Currently this is a very unhandy situation especially when having a lot of entries for the same type.


Hello Christian,

Thanks for posting to us. The name on the document list page will be the first heading triggered in the document, by default.

You can override this default value to get the document name by using The “useAsTitle” configuration.

To override the default name, go to the custom type you want to edit. Find the field you want to use as the name, and add the following configuration to the field in the JSON editor:

"useAsTitle" : true

This configuration is most often used with UID , Rich Text , and Key Text fields, but also works with the Date, Timestamp, Color, Number, Select, and Embed and fields.

For example:-
"title" : {
  "type" : "Text",
  "config" : {
    "label" : "Document Title",
    "useAsTitle" : true

Let me know if you have any doubt on this.

Our Product team will be deploying soon "Document Display Name" feature by the end of this week, where you will be able to edit this value by adding a new one in the Display Name input at the top of the page. As of now you need to use "useAsTitle" configuration.


Ty @Priyanka for the quick response and the solution.
Have a nice day.


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