Value shown in Name column on document overview, + slices in grid view?

Hi, I'm trying out Prismic and might use it on a production website.
I have 2 questions:

  1. In my documents overview, the name of a document is shown as the name of the first slice in that repeatable content type. But I want to see the Title of that content-type instead, because like this there is no good overview for editors. How do I force the content in the Name column to be what I want it to be ?

  2. Within a repeatable content-type, I have a Slices part. They are all shown underneath eachother in a big list.
    Because I want to use this content type as a image gallery and it will have something like 40 slices, I'd like to see them in a Grid view.
    I did found older documentation where you mention a Grid view, but I can't find that in the current version ?


Hello @petervandijk

Welcome to the Prismic community, and thanks for reaching out to us.

To answer your both questions:

  1. You can control the display name on a document on the document screen. Learn more about different ways to set document display names in Prismic: Set a Document's Display Name - Prismic

  2. You can still choose Grid view in your Slices. Click on the Slice settings and choose Grid view (attaching screenshots)

Are you not able to see this?

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


Hi Priyanka,

Thank you very much for your answer! Found the title change :slight_smile:
But the slice settings not. Is that because your screenshots are from the Legacy builder, and I'm on the Slice Machine where that's not implemented ?

I double checked. In Slice Machine I can not find anything like slice settings, or grid view.

I've setup a test repo and in the main settings enabled the legacy builder. Here I do find the settings you mention, but even set to Grid view I don't see the slices in a grid, but underneath each other...

Hello @petervandijk

Indeed, you cannot set the Grid view in The Slice builder slices. I will bring this to my SM team.
But in the Prismic builder, you can set it to Grid view for the repeatable section of a Slice, not a list of Slices. It allows you to see your repeatable elements side by side. Please find more details in our blog.

Let me know if you have any further questions.