I changed my mind about a field type

Hi there,
I'm remodeling a custom type and want to use key text in place of title as field type for a specific information. For consistency reasons with the overall naming conventions within my app I want to replace the field using the existing api id. Is there any possibility to do so?

I do not care if I lose historic data in the process.

Thanks for any advice

Hello Joachim,

Welcome to the Prismic forum.

You can definitely replace a field with the same API ID. First, you need to delete the old field and then create a new field with the same API ID. In this process, you will not lose data too.

Let me know if you have any other doubt.



Hello Prinyanka,

thank you for your advice. This is exactly what I had tried before reaching out. But while this appeared to work in the backend the client still gets the old field's contents (which are mostly empty). None of my edits I did after replacing the field appear in the frontend.
Sorry I should have described my poit better i the original posting.

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Regards Joachim

Hello Prinyanka,

I am very sorry. It turned out the problem had to do with caching in my development setup. I had to restart in order to get the proper data.

Thank you for your help

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