Update prismic-vue library to support Vue 3


My team is using the Vue Prismic library. We plan to migrate from vue2 to vue3 in the coming months and the Vue Prismic library is one of the blockers for our migration. I would like to keep using the vue-specific library rather than the generic one so we can avoid migrating our Prismic-specific code.

I'm aware that an issue already exists on this message board but just wanted to add a friendly reminder that this is something we care about. The progress with development appears to be somewhat slow on this front considering the small size of the library and now that vue3 is the default configuration for new projects I imagine this is quickly becoming a pressing issue for more teams than just my team.

Best regards,

Hello @gardarh

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Our team has already started working towards supporting Vue 3, and they opened a Suggestion Thread for everyone to discuss feedback and improvements that could be made to this kit. You can directly send your message there.

Thanks for your suggestion and feedback.